Publications - May 2021

Preprint and peer-reviewed publications from RECOVER’s studies

Transformation of primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic: experiences of healthcare professionals in eight European countries (Wanat et al. 2021)

Primary care has a crucial role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as the first point of patient care and gatekeeper to secondary care. Qualitative studies exploring the experiences of healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic have mainly focused on secondary care. This study aims to understand the experiences of European PCPs working during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Therapeutic Anticoagulation in Non-Critically Ill Patients with Covid-19 (Lawler et al. 2021)

 Thrombo-inflammation may contribute to morbidity and mortality in Covid-19. We hypothesized that therapeutic-dose anticoagulation may improve outcomes in non-critically ill patients hospitalized for Covid-19. Methods In an open-label adaptive multiplatform randomized controlled trial, non-critically ill patients hospitalized for Covid-19, defined by the absence of critical care-level organ support at enrollment, were randomized to a pragmatic strategy of therapeutic-dose anticoagulation with heparin or usual care pharmacological thromboprophylaxis. The primary outcome combined survival to hospital discharge and days free of organ support through 21 days, which was evaluated with Bayesian statistical models according to baseline D-dimer.

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