RECOVER promotes Ecraid educational webinar

13 December 2021

The RECOVER project is proud to promote the Ecraid educational webinar “Clinical case discussion: How clinical trials inform antibiotic stewardship”, organized by ERS with the participation of ESCMID. The webinar will take place on 19 January, 2022 from 13:00–14:30 CET.

The aim of this webinar is to provide an overview of data from clinical trials in the management of complicated urinary tract infections and pneumonia, and how this information may be incorporated into stewardship activities.

Following the webinar, participants will be able to discern the relevance of microbiological tests and their interpretation for the aetiological diagnosis of pneumonia, and the evidence-based principles for antibiotic treatment of complicated UTIs and community-acquired pneumonia.

To register, click here.

About Ecraid

The European Clinical Research Alliance for Infectious Diseases – Ecraid – advances clinical research in the field of infectious diseases by establishing a long-term, financially self-sustainable, clinical research network in Europe. This network encompasses more than 2,000 sites in 40+ European countries. It includes primary care settings (general practitioners), hospital settings (emergency rooms and intensive care units), paediatric care settings, clinical laboratories, and long-term care facilities. The RECOVER project and studies are at the heart of the Ecraid network.

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